January 1st 2017 Newsletter

Jan 1st 2017

New Years Greetings:  I wish to extend New Year’s greeting and good wishes for 2017 to you all.   I hope the year ahead will bring you health and happiness and I pray God’s blessings on all your work and undertakings   May God guide and direct all our efforts during the New Year.  I pray God Blessings on all families and I pray especially for children in examination classes and those who are seeking employment; may you all be successful in your endeavours.   I welcome all who have recently come into our community.  I wish those people and their families happiness and success in our parish.  With God’s help and guidance may the year ahead be good year for us all.    Fr. Joe.


Mass Intentions                             Ballinlough                         

Sat.  31st Dec.    8pm           Feast of Mary, The Mother  of God.

Rose and John Caulfield and deceased members of the Caulfield family, Clooninsla.

Vincent Kelly 5th Anniv and his son Michael, Cloonlough.

Kate Judge 7th Anniv and her husband Ned 40th Anniv. Cloonlough

John Bailey and his wife Annie, Cloonlough

Tues    3rd Jan.      10am     Private Intention

Wed.   4th Jan.       10am     Mass for all the people of the parish

Thurs. 5th Jan.       8pm       Feast of the Epiphany of The Lord

Sat.     7th Jan.       8pm        Feast of The Baptism of The Lord

Johnny Flynn, Loughill. 1st Anniv.


Offertory Collection:  Sat & Sun 24th & 25th Dec.

Ballinlough:  €230      Granlahan:  €680


Eucharistic Ministers                      Ballinlough                                Church Readers

Miriam Winston/Rena Burke            Sat. 7th Jan. 8pm                          Linda McDermott


John Maloney/Maura Caulfield    Sun 8th Jan. 12 noon                       Bernie Burke


Next Friday is The Feast of The Epiphany of the Lord.   It is a holiday of obligation.

Mass Times: Ballinlough Thursday 5th Jan. 8pm, Cloonfad Thursday 6th Jan. 10.30am, Granlahan Friday 6th Jan. 12 noon.


There will be no First Friday calls during the month of January.


Sincere thanks to all who visited the church during the Holy Hour on Christmas Day.

Many thanks to the people who contributed to the priest’s collection taken up at Christmas time.

Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God – January 1st 2017  “God has sent the Spirit of His Son into our hearts”  If the Spirit of Jesus is prompting you to love and serve Him

The world meeting of Families is coming to Ireland.   The great event will be celebrated 22-26 August 2018.   Let’s hope and pray that Pope Francis will be able to join us.


Mass Intentions                                                         Granlahan

Sun. 1st Jan. 12 noon           Mary Ronan and decd. members of the Ronan family. Lisnagroobe.

Tom and Margaret Burke, Sand. Anniv.

Tom Bailey. Anniv.

John and Mary Burke, Grange. Anniv.

                                                Anne Ronan 4th Anniv. and her husband Tom

Dennis Finnegan, Coolnaha  Anniv.

Fri.  6th Jan. 12 noon            Epiphany of The Lord

Sun. 8th Jan 12 noon           Jimmy Burke, Sand. Anniv.

Margaret & David Sullivan and their daughters Kitty and Mary and their son Jim.

Margaret Moran and Nora and Austin Moran, Lisnagroobe. Anniv.

Michael Greene, Grange, and Mai Greene, Michael Greene(Jn) and Eileen Greene Reeves.

Tess Walsh, Altore and deceased members of the Walsh family.

Pat Gormley, Ballybane. Anniv.


Please pray for the repose of the soul of Ita Joyce, Ascal na Bhea, who died recently.  RIP.


Getting married in 2017?   Why not consider a Pre-Marriage Course in Esker, Athenry in January or later.   This course, from Friday night to Sunday lunch, is an approved course.   It comes highly recommended by couples who have experienced the weekend.   There are courses in January, March, June and October on 2017.   Find us on www.redemptoristrsesker.ie/whatwedo or email:  info@redemptoristsesker


Christmas Message 2016 from Archbishop Michael Neary

At Christmas, God come to us as a child, vulnerable, wordless, dependant and he evokes a love from us that is free, faithful and joyful.

Christmas is very much a family time.   In a busy world family can easily be neglected.   Time spent with family is very important to keep us mindful of our roots, our faith and the values which we have inherited.   A special welcome to those who have travelled long distances to be with their family this Christmas.   In the West of Ireland where we have  experiernced high levels of emigration we are delighted to be joined by our exiles from overseas.

There was no room for Jesus at the Inn on Christmas night, for the homeless in our society this is their sad experience.   In many ways this is a reflection on our society and it presents us with an  urgent challenge which we cannot ignore.


We learn our own identity by reflecting on and retelling the story of Christmas.   In a sophisticated world we need to approach Christmas with a child-like simplicity and ensure that in the midst of the hustle and bustle we will create space and time for Jesus Christ in our hearts and homes this Christmas.   In this season of goodwill we have an opportunity to re-connect, reach out and visit neighbours for whom this may b e a difficult, lonely and anxious time.   May the peace and joy which he brought to our world enable us to live as people who have hope in our hearts.   This will enable and encourage us to light a candle of hope in what, for many, may be a dark place.

+ Michael Neary, Archbishop of Tuam

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